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Pumpkin Patch & Batch Farmers’ Market

Web Design, Branding, Event Design

Tasked to create an original pop up event in my Graphic Design III class, I chose to create a fall themed farmers’ market that included a pumpkin patch for customers to visit and a baking competition where competitors must bake a batch of their goods for judging. 

I expanded upon this idea in my Web Design II class by creating a landing page for the event that included more information. Assets for the event were created in Adobe Illustrator, and the landing page was coded in HTML5 and CSS3 in Adobe Dreamweaver including code from Bootstrap for responsive design. Design improvements were later made in Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator.

Flyer, Mailer, Social Media, & Responsive Landing Page

Web Design II & Graphic Design III, Stevenson University

October 2021

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, & Adobe XD