Memories in Objects

"My brother and I bonded a lot as kids over PlayStation games. The Madden games were my favorite out of all the ones we owned."
"My dad would always play cassettes in the car wherever we went. I don't play them, but I like taking out his collection every once in a while to remind me of him."
"Scooby-Doo was always on when I was young. I constantly watched reruns of the same few tapes and accredit it to my love of art and film."
"I always carried books when we traveled for my parents work. They were my escape during long flights and rides."
"My dad always carried a camera everywhere we went and took photos of us never worrying about wasting the film. To him, making memories with us was more important to him."
"My grandma would come over every Wednesday and play board and card games after school when I was a kid. I miss those times with her a lot."
"Poppy inspired me to collect records, so whenever I play them, I think of him and smile. We had very different tastes in music, but records were always fun to talk to him about."

“Your dad’s love of collecting model Nasar’s came from his dad gifting him one when he was young. You girls loved playing with them and asking about who the drivers were when you were little, and he was always ecstatic to tell you guys all about them. He didn’t have any sons, so the fact that you girls could bond over these with him meant a lot to him. Did you know that a lot of the cartoon character cars we have were ones he bought specifically for you guys to play with and enjoy? He really loved you guys a lot and wanted to share everything with you.”

Photo Series
Stevenson University
December 2022

This series of photos was inspired by objects that evoke memories when we interact with them. I was inspired to create this series after a late night discussion about our childhoods. To acquire subject matter, I interviewed some of my friends and family for their objects that held memories. All of the shots were created as close ups to symbolize how close these objects are to my family and friends hearts with captions to help better explain why these objects are significant to them.