Image & Text
Stevenson University
November 2022

Inspired by the lyrics from the song “Zombie” by Day6, I captured a serious of photos that set to tell the repetitiveness of working your life away with no set goal in mind “waiting for the days to pass by.” In the series, I focused on a variety of things to capture what this lifestyle can do to ones phycological mindset: older spaces with damage to signify wear and tear, reflections to show disconnect from the world, night scenery to show a dark mindset, and ways to pass time in hopes for the day to be over. The series was edited on the darker side to show a dark and clouded mindset working a mundane life that the lyrics portray.  

Zombie by Day6

Breathin’, but I’ve been dyin’ inside
Nothin’ new and nothin’ feels right
Déjà-vu, so I close my eyes
Let the demon sing me a lullaby
Today’s a present that I don’t want
So I’m wonderin’ in this world
Am I really the only one
Who’s been wantin’ to hide out
From the sun and run?

When we live a life
Always dreamin’ for a dream to come true
So I live this life
Wanting something I can’t see
And something I can’t reach
Or something that could not exist

No more of this, I wanna cry
Dried out, but feel like I should cry
Tell the world that I’m still here tonight, oh

I feel like I became a zombie
Not alive, but I’m still walkin’
When the sunrise is upon me
I’ll be waiting for the day to pass by, oh why?
I became a zombie
And there’s nothing that can cure me
So tomorrow I know I’ll be just the same
You’ll see me wishin’ to stop and close my eyes